The Lion - Black Obsidian & Fuchsia



The Lion ski suit, inspired by the Red Lion arpès ski bar in Vail Colorado, is made from a high tech windproof, water resistant and breathable Polartec® fabric. They were designed to give you a unique identity on the mountain for all your skiing and riding adventures. The one-piece suit holds onto body heat on cold days while the arm and leg vents allow you to regulate body temperature as needed. The breathability of our fabric expels body moisture and the stretchiness allows room to layer up on colder days. Features include a retractable hood, smart pockets, arm and leg vents along with other design features built for comfort, convenience, and fun. We even included a pocket to keep your flask safe!

Polartec® Windbloc® Fabric is designed to block 100% of wind and provide maximum protection from harsh elements and inclement weather. By embedding a breathable micro-porous laminate between a durable outer layer and lofted inner fibers we created a stronger balance between insulating warmth and performance stretch. This flexible versatility gives this protective fabric incredible resilience against the weather and abrasive elements without restricting comfort. Fabric contains a minimum of 50% recycled fibers that conserve energy and reduce CO2 emissions.